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According to the World Health Organization (WHO) the human health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.


It’s no longer a secret or revelation that nowadays we are living in a technocratic world, to deny its harmful effects on humans and the natural environment does not make sense. Electromagnetic smog adversely affects health and reduces our immunity strength, the changes in the Earth’s magnetic field worsen our general state, improperly structured water of poor quality carries negative information and takes away our energy, negative emotions of people around us decrease our life potential …

All these factors make us think about how to maintain our health, how to protect ourselves and our family from the destructive influence of environmental factors and how to neutralize the negative impact of the society.

«Center Region» company presents an amazing discovery of Russian scientists, discovery based on innovative technologies – Functional State Corrector (FSC). The group, under the guidence of Sergey Valentinovich Koltsov, has created this unique device, the regulating factor of which is using a scalar component of the magnetic field and its longitudinal electromagnetic waves that form the basis of life for all protein systems. There are no similar devices in the world.

The effectiveness and efficiency of the FSC is scientifically proved, substantiated, confirmed by all the necessary registration and certification documents, and most importantly, it has been tested in practice. «Center Region» Company offers a new quality of life — the ability to apply unique technologies of the future right now!

The FSC repeats the harmonious image information in the rhythms of Earth’s magnetic field and the external space radiation. The effects of the FSC lies in copying the natural systems maintaining human life, it normalizes the vital biorhythms and coordinates them with changes in the external field of the Earth, harmonizes the work of both cerebral hemispheres.

The powerful healing effect is achieved due to the purification, harmonization and structuring of all functional systems of the organism. The use of the FSC helps to give up bad habits, the body gradually returns to the original physiologically healthy state, it is rehabilitating. The FSC eliminates the impact of various adverse factors, including harmful electromagnetic radiation. It harmonizes the space around us. It provides a high level of social activity, self-fulfillment and success.

Functional State Correctors (FSC):

  • Protect the body from harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, which are the most powerful factor in destroying the environment, from aggressive geopathic zones and socio- and biopathogenic impacts;

  • Structure water in the intercellular space of organs and tissues, thus creating healing structured water, which has a general health-improving, harmonizing effect on the entire human body;

  • Correct functioning of internal organs systems at the stage of dysfunction, correct the functional state of the organism;

  • Contribute to the restoration of our bio-field (aura);

  • Reduce pathogenic energy-information impact.

Advantages of the FSC:

  • FSC is easy to use, since it is not necessary to set up the device, it adjusts to the person;

  • Power supply for the FSC is the magnetic field of the Earth and the outer space radiation, so it does not require recharging;

  • FSC is protected from adding or deleting the information components, so the device is designed not only for individual use, all the family members can use it, as well as the FSC can be used for pets;

  • FSC has a wide range of applications: from healing the human body to structuring water for watering flowers and plants, cleaning, energy-information protection of property — apartment, car, etc .;

  • FSC is created, taking into account the general principle of Hippocrates “Do no harm!”;

  • FSC has a compact size, it is comfortable to wear on the body, it fits easily into a purse or a pocket;

  • The device is certified, it has the sanitary-epidemiological conclusion, the registration certificate;

  • The validity of the FSC is limited only by the durability of the materials from which it is made, that means it can be used for decades;

  • FSC is a unique device! There are no analogues in the world market!

Who can use the FSC?

  • Everyone who cares for their health and well-being of the loved ones, who want to stay young and active for a long time of his life!

  • Everyone who wants to get sick rarer, to have strong immunity, and to recover faster after an illness without using serious chemicals.

  • Anyone who grows spiritually! The FSC is an active assistant in practicing meditation, as it enhances the vibration level of people.

  • Every person who wants to awaken or develop their creativity, to improve intelligence, speed of assimilating information, the level of knowledge and erudition!

  • Everyone who works in close physical and emotional contact with other people! It is used to save and increase your energy, to protect against various energy-information impacts.

  • Everyone who leads an active lifestyle, does sports and fitness! The FSC increases endurance, helps to quickly adapt to physical stress and recover after physical training.

  • Entire families — for harmonization of interpersonal relations and interaction with society. It is used to protect and harmonize the surrounding space, to correct geopathic zones and electromagnetic radiation.

The FSC can and should be used by every person, who cares for the future today!

The FSC gives the healing properties to water — it is essential for every family!

The FSC protects us against electromagnetic radiation and geopathic zones — it is needed in every home!

All FSC’s neutralize the harmful effects exerted on us from the outside. It is necessary to keep it close to the body, periodically shifting it from place to place, apply locally to the area of the pain projection (except the heart area). It is recommended to use the FSC for structuring water or liquid food. Drivers can use the FSC for structuring gasoline, motor oil, etc.

A surprising fact is that using FSC’s without changing your lifestyle, without taking any medications you become energetic, your mood improves, the organism gets cleaner, healthier, there appear internal resources for rising your quality of life.

The FSC significantly increases the level of human power thanks to neutralizing the effect of adverse environmental factors.

The FSC is like a homeopathic remedy of a new generation – saved on a hard copy.

The effect of the FSC is scientifically proven, tested in practice, it is increasingly used by doctors working in traditional medicine. This is evidenced by the annual scientific and practical conferences, seminars for physicians and health care workers, all the events are organized by «Center Region» Company.

Functional State Corrector is a unique device that nowadays is necessary for every person! If you have not heard about it yet, your friends do not use it, it means today, right now is the best time to get acquainted with the FSC! Start to use it to get the results in the field of rehabilitation and improvement of the standard of living, be sure to share the information with others! Or there is another option — your acquaintances, friends, or partners soon will tell you about FSC’s and its unique results. The choice is yours.